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As a mom, there is nothing more paramount or innate than my baby’s well-being. From the tiniest of bacteria to the largest star in our solar system, and all the things in between, our mama bear instincts know no bounds in regards to protecting what’s ours. This goes for our babies but also our freedom to enjoy life. That is why I created this product; to not only ensure a high quality product that offers premium protection,  but to expand moms’ post partem ability to move around outside in the open, and to do what you want with a little less worry for your new found love.


The Sol Mama product was inspired by my kids, but it’s meant for mamas. It is sophisticated yet practical, functional and safe, and acts as both a car seat cover and breastfeeding cover with 360 degree protection. I didn’t invent this concept, but I aim to perfect it. Baby’s fresh skin has no room for harmful UV Rays, and Sol Mama’s purpose is to limit that exposure. I hope you enjoy!


A mom owned and operated business

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